Corporate Responsibility

At BNT, corporate responsibility means commitment to bettering our local communities, our country and our planet.

  • Having power saving equipment in all our factories is just one of the ways we continue to stay energy efficient.
  • Rain Water Harvesting: As per Government regulations, buildings should strive to save rain water. At BNT, provisions are made at all locations of the company to store rain water. We employ rain water harvesting to ensure that water is conserved and in turn reused and sent back to maintain ground level.
  • Recycling of Waste Materials: Waste materials from our manufacturing process are reused for cleaning – we use them within our factories but they also resell them to gas stations. Our waste materials are also used as paperboards.
  • Restricted Chemical Usage: Per the European Chemical Agency we follow regulations that restrict the use of certain substances – substances listed by the agency as ‘very high concern’ are especially avoided.
  • Windmill Energy: We are part of a windmill project run by Teckic to produce energy for our factories. Excess energy generated in the processes is returned to the government at a nominal price.
  • BNT Force: In addition to being environmentally conscious in our factories, we fund a project called BNT Force – this is the outcome of our chairman’s vision for a green earth, free from the harmful effects of plastic waste. Our foray into the field of plastic waste management began with the invention of a biodegradable additive which when added to the polymer profile of plastic products render them biodegradable. A plastic bag consumed by the bacteria we are researching has shown to be biodegradable, returning minerals to the soil in a period of approximately 6 to 36 months. The buried plastic waste leaves behind soil that is healthy, rich in nutrients and maintains its natural PH values. We have found results based on a series of tests conducted according to international standards. To learn more about our BNT Force effort, please visit:

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