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Quality is one of our core values and our process is what sets us apart from our competition - its upkeep is engrained in our culture, people and everyday operations.

At BNT we follow the AQL 4.0 system and our internal quality review process has 12 checkpoints from prototype sample to final inspection. The accepted quality level is 2.5% - which means out of 100 pieces we can only default by 2.5%. Internally we strive to achieve the highest quality by:

For each Sewing line we have end of the line checkers and a designated quality control in charge

In Cutting departments we have a designated quality control in charge and a checker to review stickering

In Finishing departments apart from checkers and trimmers, we have designated checkers only for measurements, separate supervisors for buttoning, ironing and packing sections

Each factory is headed for quality by one Factory Quality In Charge; and across factories they are coordinated by our Quality Manager

Strict reporting protocol is followed in our fabric department and we check 100% of all our fabric before issuing to Cutting departments

We implement bi-weekly training and continuous coaching on checking across Cutting, Sewing and Finishing departments

BNT Force: In addition to being environmentally conscious in our factories, we fund a project called BNT Force – this is the outcome of our chairman’s vision for a green earth, free from the harmful effects of plastic waste. Our foray into the field of plastic waste management began with the invention of a biodegradable additive which when added to the polymer profile of plastic products render them biodegradable. A plastic bag consumed by the bacteria we are researching has shown to be biodegradable, returning minerals to the soil in a period of approximately 6 to 36 months. The buried plastic waste leaves behind soil that is healthy, rich in nutrients and maintains its natural PH values. We have found results based on a series of tests conducted according to international standards. To learn more about our BNT Force effort, please visit: www.bntforce.com

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